ENJOY AI is short for " Global Youth Artificial Intelligence Popularization Activity "the first international AI popularization event organized and designed for teenagers.

Organized by the US non-profit organization Federation of Global Youth Artificial Intelligence, the Global Youth Artificial Intelligence Popularization Activity (ENJOY AI) is an artificial intelligence popularization activity for global youth of aged from 3 to 22.



In 2016, AIphaGo defeated Lee Sedol, a Go grandmaster. Then in 2017, AIphaZero overcame the Chinese Go grandmaster, Ke Jie. When it comes to unmanned cars, AI is taking the spotlight and becoming more and more popular in our life with better technologies in image recognition and voice recognition.

The age of AI has arrived, AI technologies will have a profound impact on our study, work, and life like computers and Internet. In the future, you will not be able to survive without coding skills and AI literacy, they are just as important as computer skills and Internet today.

We are living in nature, and nature is our mother, harmony between nature and us is the only rule for our survival. The mother nature helps us liberate our hands from crawling, allowing us to evolve towards unlimited space. Of course, we have never been satisfied with the liberation of hands. Therefore, we produce machine and tools to overcome our physical limits; we try to develop sensing devices to expand our perception; Today, we are trying to crack the secrets of brains, just the right time for AI development to liberate our brains.

Teenagers are the future of the world, and how can they adapt to the development of AI? How can they use AI technology to study and live? How can they solve practical problems in their study and life by using AI technology? On May 3, 2016, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy established the Subcommittee on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence under National Science and Technology Council. On October 12 of the same year, the office released the report“Prepare for the Future of Artificial Intelligence”. The report has outlined the concept, connotation, key technologies and application trend of the educational artificial intelligence (EAI). In 2017, the State Council issued the Development Plan for Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence, which proposed the arrangement of AI related courses in primary and middle schools and implementation of EAI projects for the public. In addition, the plan also encouraged private sectors to participate in the development and promotion of programming teaching software. Meanwhile, the government will support AI competitions and encourage diversified AI projects.

Therefore, “Global Youth Artificial Intelligence Popularization Activity " ENJOY AI is an event echoing the need of the time, technological progress, and social development.


Enjoy AI's Mission
Enable youth across the globe to adapt to and obtain the world-changing AI literacy.

Enjoy AI's Objectives
Become the world's most popular youth AI activity
Become the world's most authoritative youth AI activity
Become a global sci-tech carnival for youth


ENJOY AI Founding Team


Marc Pomplun
ENJOY AI chief scientist

Prof. University of Massachusetts Boston
Director of the Department of Computer Science
A leading AI scientist

Research areas: Human Vision, Visual Attention and Eye Movements
Computational Modeling and Data Analysis Methods.

He has won the Ph.D. Best Paper Award from the University of Bielefeld, the Postdoctoral Research
Progress Award, the Outstanding Achievement Award from University of Massachusetts Research .
He's research project has received specific researching fund from the US Department of Education,
the National Eye Institute, NSF, and the Mississauga SR Study in Canada.

(undergraduate/graduate textbook to appear in 2017). Hands-On Computer Vision.
Singapore: World Scientific Publishing.
Involuntary saccades and binocular coordination during visual pursuit in Parkinson’s disease.
Informativeness guides visual search in natural scenes. University of Massachusetts Boston
Computer Science Technical Report 2/2009.



Xiaolin Hu
ENJOY AI chief AI scientist

Prof. Tsinghua University
PhD, Chinese University of Hong Kong
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems editorial board member

Research areas: artificial neural networks, computational neuroscience

First Prize of Natural Science of the Ministry of Education (2012)
Processing, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, PLoS ONE, Neural Computation, European
Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Neurophysiology, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience,
More than 70 papers published in international journals such as Frontiersin Computational
Neuroscience and CVPR, NIPS, AAAI, etc.


Yonghe Wu
ENJOY AI Chief Educator

Professor, doctoral supervisor, dean of education information technology
East China Normal University

Member of the Education Information Technology Standards Committee of
the Ministry of Education
Expert in project evaluation of National Natural Science Foundation of China
Expert of National Science and Technology Expert Database of
Ministry of Science and Technology
Member of the National Committee on Information Technology of
Standardization Administration of China
Expert in the evaluation of new engineering research and practice projects of
the Ministry of Education

Co-convenor of the International Standard ISO/IEC30119 Quality Standard for
the Creation and Delivery of Fair, Valid and Reliable e-Tests
International Co-Chair for TALE 2018(The IEEE International Conference on Teaching, 
Assessment, and Learning for Engineering)
IEEE Technical Committee Learning Technologies (IEEE TCLT) (2016-2018),Vice Chair for 
Standards of Executive Committee